Sheet Piling

What is Sheet Piling?

Sheet piling, sometimes referred to as steel sheet piling or “Z Piles”, are long, structural sections designed to create a continuous wall. In fact, these walls create an interlocking design system. This method connects multiple piles to form long walls in retaining structures. Steel sheet piling is the preferred material choice for retaining soil or water.

Why Use Sheet Piling?

Sheet piles are typically used when the bending strength and stiffness of the pile are the primary design consideration. In fact, piles are readily available, easy to store, and installs at the job site with impact hammers. In addition, piling minimally disruptive to the environment.

The unique shape of the sheet pile, like an elongated “Z”, allows for free sliding while maintaining its integrity during installation. In addition, it resembles a wide flange beam – having a web and two flanges. The interlocking “ball and socket” mechanism are located on the outside of the flange.





Sheet Pile Applications

Steel sheet piles are found in numerous applications across North America. These include:

  • Cofferdams, or temporary structures in water or on land to permit excavation
  • Seawalls
  • Flood Walls
  • Barge Docks
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Bridge Protection Cells

Permanent piles are in retaining structures such as levee strengthening, retaining walls, breakwaters, bulkheads and environmental barrier walls.

Regardless of the application, given the complexity of interlocking multiple piles together, it’s important to use the piling from a single producer. This ensures the ball and socket interlocking mechanism fits properly.

Sheet Piling from Contractors Steel

Contractors Steel carries sheet piles from producers in the global marketplace. This includes:

  • Domestic sheet pile, or Made and Melted in the USA
  • Offshore sheet piling

We carry the following:

  • Cold Formed sheet pile
  • Full range of sections
  • Hot Rolled sheet pile (30’-60’ lengths – 5’ increments)
  • PZC13, 18, 26

Typical specifications include ASTM A572 Grade 50 and ASTM A572 Grade 60. We are driven to support your piling job and ship direct to the job site based on your schedule. This ensures your material is delivered on time since piling always finishes first.

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