About Contractors Steel

About Us

Founded in 1960, Contractors Steel carries a diverse inventory of structural steel products including structural beams, angles, channels, structural pipe, square/rectangular tube, cut to length sheet, cut to length strip mill plate, discreet plate, floor plate, crane rail, grating, expanded metal, ship and car channels, molded cover bars and much more. Download our Stock Book for more details.

Contractors Steel is synonymous with first-step processing. We have saws for your straight and mitre cutting jobs, oxy fuel and plasma equipment that cut sheet and plate up to 16” thick. Python processing, cambering, coil leveling, Blanchard grinding, beam processing, rotary shear, tee splitting and press braking services are also available. Download our Line Card for more details.

Aside from our cutting-edge technology and operations, Contractors Steel takes pride in delivering superior service to our customers. Our team is dedicated to your needs with an entrepreneurial spirit to be your structural steel supplier today and always.

Furthermore, we are here for you, right in your backyard. Our locations in Detroit, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Cleveland, OH, Chicago, IL and now Phoenix, AZ are always on call to support you with any of your structural steel needs.


Our Values

Customer Focused

Our team is focused and passionate about delivering world-class customer service. Our drive to succeed is second nature. At UPG, we believe that everything revolves around the customers.


We believe that family is life. From our work family at UPG to our own family, we value taking care of each other to achieve success. We work together to meet our common goals.


We take pride in having a team that is unified in upholding our deep-rooted moral principles. We believe in being honest, transparent, and we are committed to doing what’s best for our customers, employees, and our company.


Our people have the drive and energy to go beyond. We use that energy to not only get the job done, but to provide world class service. At UPG, our passion drives our high standards.

Data Driven

By understanding the markets, customers, and internal data, UPG can make informed decisions to obtain sustainable, profitable growth.


Our Value Proposition

Best in Class Value Added Processing: From programming to finished goods our extensive line of processing equipment makes us an extension of your shop floor and allows us to process nearly everything you need.

Large Variety of Stock: We can service both small and large volume needs.

Flexible Partnership: We can provide tailored solutions designed to make life easier.

On-Time Processing & Deliveries: Our #1 Goal!

Join our team

Seeking energetic, hard-working, motivated individuals to join our team.