PythonX Multipurpose Cutting Machine Has Arrived in Chicago

We are excited to announce that the newest addition to Contractors Steel has been installed at our Chicago location – the PythonX Multipurpose cutting machine!

First, in early April, the PythonX started arriving.  As you know, this was during the global pandemic of Covid-19. Therefore, our team was committed to having it installed safely and ahead of schedule. During this time, we made sure to practice proper safety and social distancing techniques in accordance with state-mandated regulations. Then, with the concrete poured and cured in the warehouse, the PythonX pieces began to be assembled. After that, on April 13th, everything was installed – testing of the new machine and training began immediately. We are now processing structural steel on our first shift with plans to expand soon.

The PythonX gives our Chicagoland customers several unique processing capabilities such as plasma bolt holes, cuts, copes, miters, slots and notches, your beams, tubes, channels, and angles. The PythonX opens opportunities for labor and time savings that our customers need to compete in today’s market. And in a small footprint – this one machine takes the place of several at our facility. With its fast processing speed, we can keep up with our customers’ unique demands.

The PythonX in Chicago joins our other Python machines in Detroit and Cleveland. Plus, when you partner with Contractors Steel you have access to all of them because we are already in your backyard!

Partnering with Contractors Steel

Did you know, when you partner with Contractors Steel, not only do you have access to our PythonX, you have access to ALL of our processing capabilities? This includes: 

  • Plate processing, including laser and oxy fuel 
  • Coil Leveling 
  • Press braking 
  • Sawing 
  • Angle Master 
  • T-Splitting 
  • Plate Rolling
  • And More! 

Are you ready to take the guesswork out of your supply chain? Contact us to request time on the PythonX!