Top Five Features of the PythonX Multipurpose Cutting Machine

Hammond, Indiana recently had a BIG new attraction come to the area – the PythonX Multipurpose Cutting Machine! Did you know, this addition brings a multitude of new processing capabilities to Contractors Steel’s Chicagoland location? Through partnering with Contractors Steel and utilizing this versatile machine, you will be able to win more jobs by letting us handle all your overflow first-step processing needs. Above all, let’s find out what the top five features of the PythonX are and how Contractors Steel will support your processing needs. 

Top 5 PythonX Features

  1. Time savings: With today’s parts becoming more and more complex, it can take longer from the time you place an order to when it leaves the floor. In addition, with multiple machines and different processes, some parts must travel entire lengths of a facility before being completed. In other words, the PythonX eliminates the extra steps and machines you need. Therefore, your part can be processed in ½ the time it would normally take which saves you money, and give you the ability to quote on more opportunities. As an example, one cut-to-length piece of W24 x 100” will take under 2 minutes with the PythonX vs a traditional beam drill line with saw that can take upwards of 5 minutes. 
  2. It processes almost everything: What machine can process beams, tubes, angles and more? Frankly, the PythonX can. Instead of filling out a truck at multiple facilities, the PythonX will process all your structural steel in one place. In other words, this enables a true one stop shop for your steel processing requirements. In addition, it cuts down on your first-step processing so you can focus on larger requirements. 
  3. Mitre cutting: In addition, the PythonX is capable of straight cuts down to a +/- 1/32” tolerance all day every day. But, did you know it can also mitre cut your structural steel up to a 45-degree angle? For instance, instead of moving your steel from one machine to another, the PythonX can do it all when you need precision cutting and certain angles for your project. 
  4. Cuts copes with CNC Accuracy: In addition, with oxy-cutting robotic precision, the PythonX can cut your copes with CNC accuracy. In fact, this is not possible with a traditional drill and beam processing line. Our team of CAD specialists will help you turn those drawings into reality.  
  5. Large Capacity: Frankly, by utilizing Contractors Steel’s PythonX, beams up to 36” wide, 16” square HSS tubing, 18” channels, 10” wide angle. Yes, we can process the BIG steel for you so you don’t have to. Need something smaller? The PythonX has you covered with a min capacity of 4” wide beams, 3” wide channels, 2” square HSS tubing and 2” wide angles.  

Scratching the Surface

But wait – there’s more! Quite frankly, we just couldn’t stop at five since the PythonX has so many features! For instance, the PythonX slots, notches, produces structural bolt holes, and splits beams. Who said processing steel was hard? When you partner with Contractors Steel, it does not have to be! What can’t the PythonX do? It turns out, not that much. As you can see, this list just scratches the surface. Make sure to watch our latest video on the PythonX to learn more about this versatile machine. When you’re ready, reach out to anyone of our sales reps who can assist you with booking time on the PythonX units within the Contractors Steel network. As always, we are here to support your overflow and complex work when you need us.  

Partnering with Contractors Steel

Did you know, when you partner with Contractors Steel, not only do you have access to our PythonX, you have access to ALL of our processing capabilities? This includes: 

  • Plate processing, including laser and oxy fuel 
  • Coil Leveling 
  • Press braking 
  • Sawing 
  • Angle Master 
  • T-Splitting 
  • Plate Rolling
  • And More! 


Processed HSS
HSS with holes and notches












Most importantly, at any of our locations, we stock only the highest quality steel products, all backed by material test reports from the mill. This includes: 

  • Beams 
  • Tube (HSS) 
  • Structural Pipe 
  • Angles 
  • Channels 
  • Sheet  
  • Plate 
  • And more! 


Processed Beams
Structural beams processed on the Python


Finally, we have several new products that we are stocking, including rebar and P&O sheets! Remember, contact our sales team today and find out how Contractors Steel takes the guesswork out of your supply chain.