Steel Rebar

Steel Rebar (Reinforcing Bar) – What is it?

Steel rebar is one of the most commonly used structural steel items in use today. In fact, it is commonly  incorporated into concrete to impart tensile strength into concrete. Rebar is reinforcing bar. Steel bars are used as rebar because elongation of steel due to high temperatures (thermal expansion coefficient) is nearly equal that of concrete. Moreover, the rope-like appearance provides a better bond with concrete.


Why Use Steel Rebar?

Concrete is sufficiently strong in compression, but weak in tension. Hence, it is reinforced with steel rebar. In addition, it has good tensile strength and the bond between steel and concrete is favorable. Moreover, it is used in more than just large construction projects. In fact, it reinforces home patios and stairways everywhere. It ensures your concrete will last.

Why Contractors Steel?

As an industry leading service center, and a member of UPG Enterprises, we supply and process the steel you need, when you need it. Whether that is one piece or 1,000 truckloads, Contractors Steel DELIVERS!

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Markets We Serve

  • Contractors
  • Infrastructure
  • Select OEM’s
  • Masonry Suppliers
  • Steel Service Centers
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Epoxy Coated Steel Rebar

Epoxy coated rebar, green rebar, or corrosion resistant rebar strengthens concrete and provides corrosion protection. In fact, this product combats corrosion from deicing salts, chemicals, and marine waters.

Epoxy coated rebar is used with concrete for the following applications:

  • Bridges
  • Roadways
  • Pavement
  • Concrete repairs
  • Marine structures
  • Parking structures
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What We Carry – ASTM A615-20 GRADE 60

#3 0.375"
#4 0.500"
#5 0.625"
#6 0.750"
#7 0.875"
#9 1.125"
#10 1.250"

Mechanical Requirements – ASTM A615-20 GRADE 60

Tensile, KSI 90
Yield, KSI 60
Elongation in 8" ––
Bar Size #3, #4, #5, #6 9
Bar Size #7, #8 8
Bar Size #9, #10 7

Check back in, additional grades and processing capabilities are coming soon!

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